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Simply ruff is a piece of wisdom describing a certain culture of jeans brand. It is run by a team of highly creative and enthusiastic people, searching for something new. Simply Ruff was founded in the summer of 2006.

Simply ruff, a label which unites fashionable and youthful way of expression with practicality and body awareness. The guiding principle for design of the collection is the idea of casualness, in other words, the suitability of garments for relaxed attitude. It is not only about a perfectly matched outfit looks, it is, above all, a subtle encounter between individual garments of apparently very different types. Contradictions that find one another and still create an image. Cross styling of a refreshing and cultivated kind that brings silhouettes and materials together. The resulting tension brings about a personal and new definition of the term "look" – the Simply ruff Look.

Simply ruff is fashion that is always a bit different but still stays itself. Characteristic and unmistakable carrying a sense of aestheticism and art, combined with a casual and natural feeling; innovative thinking and exclusivity.

The very highest standards for design, quality, materials, the newest processing techniques and an excellent fit are our creed.

So what kind wears Simply ruff? Whoever he is, he is alive for the here and now. Absolutely self-assured, open, curious. And he loves being a man. He expresses himself through what he wears. He likes to stand out from the crowd - and does so consciously, but in his own way. Naturally and as a matter of course. He lives what he thinks and feels. You can feel it. And you can feel that he always has that little bit extra - mystery.

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